Protect What’s Precious

Inspired by a mom’s desire to protect her daughter's health and well-being, UV Protect Philippines offer new generation sterilization technology products that effectively remove 99.99% of germs on any surface in minutes minus the harmful chemicals found in sprays or bleach.  ​ 


All our product have been thoroughly researched and personally tested to give you thoughtfully curated options as your line of defense against harmful bacteria and germs so you can protect what’s most precious: Your family’s health.

Our Products

Germ Combat Saber

Original Price ₱11,000

Sterilize air and surfaces, and eliminate pathogens with UVC sterilization, minus the ozone. Remote control operated and can detect movement as an added safety feature. Made of Aluminum Alloy Lamp Body with Quartz glass tube. With remote switch and timer. Radar sensor
for safety feature.


UVC Disinfection Cabinet

₱6,000 - Currently Soldout

360 degrees sterilization and easy click function. Multifunctional: use it to dry, disinfect, and store items like baby bottles, toys, kitchen utensils, personal hygiene items and more!


UVC Sterilizer Bag

Original Price ₱4,000

Can be worn as backpack or shoulder bag. With Nine UVC LED lights. One click sterilization. USB powered. Portable, Easy to use. Disinfect in 3 minutes


UVC Disinfection Bag

Original Price ₱4,000

Can be worn as backpack or shoulder bag. With Nine UVC LED lights. One click sterilization. USB powered. Portable, Easy to use. Disinfect in 3 minutes


16 LED UVC Disinfection Wand

Original Price ₱4,500

With wider, larger coverage using 16UVC lights for rapid disinfection. Easy 180-degree rotation for corners and heard to reach areas.. Rechargeable and compact.


Disinfection Lamp

₱1,850 - Currently Soldout

A powerful and portable multifunction gadget using 2 sterilization processes through UVC germicidal irradiation and ozone technology. Up to 360 degrees UV Sterilization, disinfects through obstacles, even cleans & sanitizes air. Automatic shutdown after 30 minutes.


Multi-function Sterilizer

Original Price ₱2,100

Double UV Lamp for rapid disinfection and sterilization. Large Sanitizing Space. Easy To Use – Simply press the power button, and start to sterilize desired items. USB powered. Compact.


UVC Rechargeable  Mini Wand

Original Price ₱1,750

Rechargeable. Pocket-sized and
lightweight. 60 seconds UVC
sterilization. With timer function, with 10,000hrs long-lasting LED UV lights


UVC Wand  Sterilizer

Original Price ₱2,750

With timer function and UVC tube lamp for wider range of disinfection. Battery operated.


Foldable LED Sterilizer Bag


Rechargeable. Pocket-sized and
lightweight. 60 seconds UVC
Disinfection and Sterilization of 9 UVC LED Ultraviolet Lamp Beads. One-click sterilization. Foldable and compact. USB-powered. Available in Pink and Gray.

pink bag.jpg

Air Purifier Necklace


The Air Purifier necklace cleans the airby emitting anions to remove dust,smoke, allergens and pollutants within1 sqm of breathing space. Compact and Lightweight.


Kids Air Purifier Necklace

kids purifier.jpg

UV Protect PH provides a variety of authentic UVC technology sterilizers that are safe and easy to use. All of our products have been personally tried, tested, and thoughtfully researched before making it available to families, healthcare workers and other industries that are adapting to the new norm and would like to strengthen their defenses against harmful germs.