C-2 BOT Vacuum


The side brushes work together to comb surfaces for dirt and debris. Simply attach the cleaning pad to wipe your floors clean. Filter does not need to be changed periodically. Cleaning brush included for easy maintenance. With Nano spray to reduce air pollutants for cleaner indoor air quality.


This robotic vacuum cleaner will save you time and effort as it autonomously does the work for you. With a 3-point cleaning system (sweep, vacuum, and mop) and equipped with two long side brushes, this device works on hard floors and carpets to clean dust and pet hair, eliminate dirt from under beds, sofas, and hard to reach areas with zero effort.


Quiet and convenient with a cleaning volume of just 55db, this device can clean any time, day or night, without any noise disruption.

  • Automatic, hands-free cleaning

  • UV Sterilization

  • USB Rechargeable

  • Smart Robot Vacuum Floor Cleaner

  • 3-1 Function: Sweep, Mop, Vacuum

  • Low Decibel

  • Long Brush

  • Cleans up to 90 minutes

  • Nano Spray


UV Protect PH provides a variety of authentic UVC technology sterilizers that are safe and easy to use. All of our products have been personally tried, tested, and thoughtfully researched before making it available to families, healthcare workers and other industries that are adapting to the new norm and would like to strengthen their defenses against harmful germs.

UV Protect offers new generation sterilization technology products that effectively remove germs on any surface in just seconds, minus the harmful chemicals found in sprays or bleach.
Disinfect anything, anytime, anywhere.

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